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{October 4, 2010}   Solstice Publishing

About a week ago I recieved a publishing contract with Solstice. I won a contest with them, so I sent in the full. In a matter of days I got the contract. Doing some research I emailed 5 of their authors. So far 2 have emailed back. One was disappointing, saying she recieved no promotion and doesn’t think she has sold any copies. The other said he has sold about 200 copies (which I think is awesome, but then again, 1 copy would be amazing) and said he couldn’t be happier with Solstice. So what should I do? Hoping more email back so I can make a decision. Actually hoping the agent with my full others rep!


I recently got accepted by Solstice Publishing too for my children’s picture book. It really is too early to tell but I know a few other authors by them and they seem to be happy with the company. But it is from the Fairy Tales and Dreams Imprint. But they are a part of Solstice too. Is this for your romance novel?

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