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{January 7, 2011}   Harpies

I think we’ve all read in school a bit of mythology. On top of that much of today’s movies are geared towards fantasy. One of my favorite monsters are the harpies. The beautiful matchup of half human and half eagle is such a creation of the mind.

I love the stories that harpies punish evil. They poop (yes, poop) on the heads on criminals until they are rightfully punished. Harpies have gotten a bad rap as blood thirsty creatures. I think this is because they look like demons. But really, they are only out to send unpure souls to Hades.

I haven’t seen harpies in many modern day movies, but they do make a very cool appearnce in the video game GOD OF WAR. Yes, I root for Kratos, but watching him rip their wings from their bodies is awesome.

If you know of any harpy sitings in movies please let me know!


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