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{January 20, 2011}   Adlets

Most people have never heard of the Adlet. So what is it? Think of the adlet as a bad-ass werewolve, only much better. In the traditional sense, a werewolve is a shape-shifter, changing from human to wolve in the full moonlight. An adlet is a permanent transformation-once you change, you’re stuck.

Adlets have red fur and dagger-like teeth. The myth comes from Inuit or Eskimo legends. It is told the adlets hunt in the northern states and Canada. The beast came to be after it was born to an Inuit woman that married a giant red dog. The woman gave birth to ten children; five normal pups and five hybrid dogs. The hybrids grew into adults within hours and killed their mother. In an attack against their father, he was mortally wounded and the adlets traveled to Newfoundland and Quebec, where they are believed to still live.

The adlet does have supernatural powers. They are incredibly fast, strong, agile, and endurance. Their senses are extremely keen, especially sight, smell, and hearing. The smell sense is so strong it is believed they can smell a fresh human over a mile away. They do have weaknesses to fire, silver and decapitation.

Adlets are very dangerous. They thirst for human blood and will hunt and do whatever is needed to find a fresh corpse. A really cool fact is they break open the bones of their victims and suck out the marrow. How sweet is that?!


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