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{January 20, 2011}   Adlets

Most people have never heard of the Adlet. So what is it? Think of the adlet as a bad-ass werewolve, only much better. In the traditional sense, a werewolve is a shape-shifter, changing from human to wolve in the full moonlight. An adlet is a permanent transformation-once you change, you’re stuck.

Adlets have red fur and dagger-like teeth. The myth comes from Inuit or Eskimo legends. It is told the adlets hunt in the northern states and Canada. The beast came to be after it was born to an Inuit woman that married a giant red dog. The woman gave birth to ten children; five normal pups and five hybrid dogs. The hybrids grew into adults within hours and killed their mother. In an attack against their father, he was mortally wounded and the adlets traveled to Newfoundland and Quebec, where they are believed to still live.

The adlet does have supernatural powers. They are incredibly fast, strong, agile, and endurance. Their senses are extremely keen, especially sight, smell, and hearing. The smell sense is so strong it is believed they can smell a fresh human over a mile away. They do have weaknesses to fire, silver and decapitation.

Adlets are very dangerous. They thirst for human blood and will hunt and do whatever is needed to find a fresh corpse. A really cool fact is they break open the bones of their victims and suck out the marrow. How sweet is that?!


{January 7, 2011}   Harpies

I think we’ve all read in school a bit of mythology. On top of that much of today’s movies are geared towards fantasy. One of my favorite monsters are the harpies. The beautiful matchup of half human and half eagle is such a creation of the mind.

I love the stories that harpies punish evil. They poop (yes, poop) on the heads on criminals until they are rightfully punished. Harpies have gotten a bad rap as blood thirsty creatures. I think this is because they look like demons. But really, they are only out to send unpure souls to Hades.

I haven’t seen harpies in many modern day movies, but they do make a very cool appearnce in the video game GOD OF WAR. Yes, I root for Kratos, but watching him rip their wings from their bodies is awesome.

If you know of any harpy sitings in movies please let me know!

{December 31, 2010}   British Fantasy Society

Yay! I am internationally mentioned! I hate excessive self promotion, but have to put this link to the BFS magazine.

Check it out!

{December 20, 2010}   It dropped today!

So my horror short NIGHT OF THE DOLL went out today. What did you think? Be honest, I love feedback. So far the response has been good.

Go to and look for me, Erika Lindsen! And get ready for an eerie kind of night with a child’s best friend…

{November 2, 2010}   More Jokes…

Thanks to Marlon for posting a good one. Here’s one from my husband, he heard it at work.

Blonde paint job
A blonde wanting to earn some money went to the front door of the first house she saw and asked the owner if he had any jobs for her to do.

“You can paint my porch. How much will you charge?”
The blonde said “How about 50 dollars?” 

The man agreed to hire her.  The man’s wife heard the conversation and said to her husband, “Does she realize that the porch goes all the way around the house?”
The man replied “She should. She was standing on the porch.”

A short time later, the blonde came to the door to collect her money.
“You’re finished already?” he asked.

 “Yes,” the blonde answered “and I had paint left over, so I gave it two coats.” Impressed the man reached in his pocket for the $50. “And by the way,” the blonde added, “that’s not a Porch, it’s a Ferrari.”

{November 1, 2010}   Starting this week….

I am going to start posting jokes on here. If you have any feel free to send them.

{October 29, 2010}   Only 2 days…

It’s Friday! Only two days left until Halloween. Driving down the streets I see some house are really decked out. I love it. I saw one house that had bodies hanging from their trees. I wanted to take their trees and run home lol. Last night when I was trick or treating I saw a house thats grass was covered in leaves. Hidden in the leaves was a small boy, scaring people. I scared a mom, who saw m dressed as a zombie and screamed. Best part of the night other than getting candy. Yes, I am a zombie for Halloween. Taking after my novel LEGENDS.

{October 20, 2010}   Memoir help

So I contacted an author about bullycide, since my memoir is about that. She linked me to a friend. This friend is working to hook me up with an agent. I just have to send her my first three chapters. I’m very nervous!

{October 18, 2010}   My memoir

So besides working on my novel series, LEGENDS, I’ve been working on my memoir SHATTERED. It’s the story about my life from ages 7-17. In that time I was bullied to the point where I could claim one suicide attempt, and a severe addiction to self-harm. This story is extremely close to my heart, especially with the huge increase in teen suicides. It has been hard writing it, bringing out all of those old emotions that I was forced to hide for so long. In the end it has been fun though, and I hope to have a copy in your hands one day.

{October 4, 2010}   Solstice Publishing

About a week ago I recieved a publishing contract with Solstice. I won a contest with them, so I sent in the full. In a matter of days I got the contract. Doing some research I emailed 5 of their authors. So far 2 have emailed back. One was disappointing, saying she recieved no promotion and doesn’t think she has sold any copies. The other said he has sold about 200 copies (which I think is awesome, but then again, 1 copy would be amazing) and said he couldn’t be happier with Solstice. So what should I do? Hoping more email back so I can make a decision. Actually hoping the agent with my full others rep!

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